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No strings attached.

At Fostering Hope, we affirm and support foster parents in their task of caring for neglected and abused children. Our volunteers and community partners serve as an extended family for foster parents and to the children entrusted to them. We stay with kids into adulthood, ensuring they always have someone they can count on.

See below for some of the impact our programs have made.

Faith communities that provide volunteer "aunts and uncles" to support local foster families
Volunteers who are providing valuable support and affirmation to foster families
0 %
Foster children in our program that have completed high school
Children in foster care who have experienced healing after abuse and neglect


Mission and Values

Fostering Hope is an enduring community of affirmation and support for foster families, restoring the sense of family and belonging that foster children need to thrive. We exist so that:

  • foster parents can be at their best,
  • children who have experienced the trauma of abuse and neglect can heal, and
  • young adults can become the productive citizens they were meant to be.

At Fostering Hope we strive to build and maintain a culture that is mission centered and respectful of the inherent dignity of every person. As members, we need to be able to respond to the needs of those who have often been left with their needs unmet because of life circumstances (foster children) or their chosen commitments (foster families).

Family from

start to finish.

We do not license foster families or work within the child welfare system. We walk alongside them to provide the lasting love and relationships a system is not designed to deliver. We provide those intangible yet essential things that we try to create for our own kids. And it makes all the difference.


Someone like you.


Help with errands
Tutor the kids
Go on play dates
Make home repairs
Other ways to help the family


Support training
Enable background checks
Insure the teams
Provide activities
Support all efforts


Support the teams
Provide jobs
Sponsor programs
Create connections
Create a faith-based partnership

Join the


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