Warning: This Christmas Moment May Cause Happy Tears

When 8-year-old Jordan saw all the gifts, he was perplexed. Stacks of beautifully wrapped presents. Stockings overflowing with toys, candy and even gift cards. All of it from total strangers. Perplexed, the child in foster care asked his foster mom: “Why would anybody do this?” She looked him  and kindly responded: “Well, they want you to know that you’re loved and cared for — and that you matter.” He reflected on this for a moment.

Then, he dashed off to his room.

A short time later, he returned with his arms full of his old, well-loved toys his foster mom had given him. “What’s all this?” she asked. He explained that he wanted to give away his toys to someone else, because everyone needs to know they are cared for and that they matter.

So true, which is why we are so thankful for our community partners who ensured every single foster family and young adult experienced the joy of knowing they matter this holiday season.

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